We're stronger together

Give your guests the opportunity to create something bigger together. We're the first on the market to bring you a photo mosaic on green screen. We also offer a classic version without chroma keying. The work is created by guests from individual photos directly at the event and very often they have no idea what its content will be until the last minute

Three layers of MOSAIC

The mosaic itself consists of three layers. The back layer on the canvas is a colourful background which can include corporate colours, product, logo or anything else. The middle layer captures the visitors to your event and the content of the the front layer is usually a company logo, slogan or motto.


The small MOSAIC is made up of around 100 photos and its total size is 1.5 × 1 m.


The medium MOSAIC consists of around 324 photos, with the size of this work being approximately 2.7 × 1.8 m.


Any final work larger than 324 photos.

How it works

What about the MOSAIC event?

The mosaic works perfectly as a reminder of the unique event and teamwork. It will look great at the reception or in your company's meeting room. We will be happy to deliver the final work to your office.

If one mosaic is not enough for you, we can assemble it in electronic form and print it on a large-format printer. In case of interest, we can work frame and glaze the work for you.


Establish a dialogue with your audience

Would you like to send a short message to the event's participants? No problem. We can easily add any graphic to your photos, whether it is a logo, short text or a product. How about a video? We can deal with that, too. We place a short, non-skippable video before the photo is displayed on a mobile device. We can also create a short form to help you get valuable information from your potential clients, including contact details.

Collection of data according to your wishes

Collect e-mails

Play a spot, advertisement or presentation


More than just a photo

We can make you a badge or magnet directly at the event.