Electronic Photo Sharing

Printed photos are amazing reminders of unique events, but we also think about social networks and the viral marketing potential of electronic photos. That is why at all events we distribute the photos taken to your guests in electronic form too. All this in a few seconds, without the need for mobile data or complicated mobile application downloads. 

Would you like to send a short message to the event's participants? No problem. We can easily add any graphic to your photos, whether it's a logo, short text or a product. How about a video? We can handle that too. We place a short, non-skippable video before displaying the photo on a mobile device.

We can also create a short form to help you get valuable information from your potential clients, including contact details.Would you like to have a detailed overview of your event visitors? We can take care of that, too. Not only that we will provide you with a photo-gallery of your event, but we have also created Youbox ANALYTICS report, that can analyse the photos taken by our devices. This will give you valuable information regarding the number of visitors, their gender, age or emotional state.

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