Youbox GO

Capture the moment

Youbox GO is a professional mobile photobox on wheels finally available on the market. This device allows you to take photos in front of the photo background, but also anywhere in the space according to your wishes. The photobox can instantly post-produce photos, share them to your mobile device and immediately print them. After the event, we will also provide a full photo report. Youbox GO meets our high standards of photoboxes, but it also has wheels and is battery-powered so you can move it freely throughout the event. Take us anywhere, we don't even need electricity, and everyone will have photos from the event immediately without the need for mobile data or downloading an app. The photobox is wirelessly connected to the camera and tablet which the participants can use to choose the best photos throughout the event. We have developed Youbox GO based on our many years' experience and client requirements for more flexible photoboxes. We are the only company on the market that offers this unique device.

Options offered by the product

Indoor and Outdoor

-20 °C to +40 °C

Mobile – can be moved

No power required

Print photos in 8 seconds

Own Wi-Fi connection



No, you don't. The device has its own Wi-Fi.
Youbox GO is battery-powered and does requires no mains connection during the event.
The device can be placed outdoors, even in adverse weather conditions from -20 °C to +40 °C. It is necessary to provide roofing in case of rainy weather.
We always adapt the photobox to the needs and wishes of our clients to match the character of the event perfectly. If you don't choose from our range, we can make graphics and props exactly to your liking for you.
Thanks to our unique Youbox software, the entire post-production of photos takes place automatically. There is no need for lengthy manual photo editing. Plus, our photoboxes can print photos in just 8 seconds. So there is no need to worry about queues at the photobox despite the great interest of your guests.

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